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Our Mission

At Stop Population Decline, we view demographic downturns not as isolated events but as symptoms of deeper societal challenges. Our commitment lies in understanding these causes, raising awareness about their interconnected nature, and recording solutions that not only halt the population decline but also address the foundational issues giving rise to it.

Symptoms of Broader Issues:

  • Declining Fertility Rates: Birth rates have been decreasing since 1955, more prominently among the affluent. While this trend is concerning, it’s crucial to look deeper into what’s causing these shifts in family decisions.
  • Premature Deaths: An escalating number of premature deaths, intensified by healthcare inaccessibility, paints a picture of a larger systemic problem.
  • Forced Migration: Migration, driven by reasons like poor health infrastructure and lack of opportunities, is a sign that societies are struggling to support their own.

These demographic changes continue to intensify, drawing attention to the need for broader societal introspection and reform.

Debunking Oversimplifications About Population Decline:

Some believe the population decline is just “culture change”, “unwarranted lack of optimism” or evolving family perspectives. This isn’t the main driver, if not irreverent compared to more material realities:

Our Methods

  • Timely Reporting & Analysis: We aim to keep the community informed about the deeper issues behind the population decline. Such as collecting and disseminating pivotal research on causes, like mental health and housing. We also to report on current events and news related to population decline while dispute false analysis about what causes population decline
  • Building a Repository of Information: Our library isn’t just data. It’s a compilation of understanding, with research and case studies that dig into the real reasons behind demographic changes.
  • Developing Tools, Tactics, and Playbooks: Harnessing technology, we’re developing tools that not only track population trends but also analyze the underlying causes. These insights aim to equip stakeholders to make holistic decisions.

For more information feel free to reach out at info@stoppopulationdecline.org or send us mail at Stop Population Decline, 5161 San Felipe Street, Suite 320-5598, Houston, TX 77056, United States