Queen Marie Antoinette of France with her children Princess Marie Therese Charlotte of France and Dauphin Louis Joseph of France

Dear Elon, Remote Work Boosts Productivity and Fertility Rates

On Elon Musk’s Tesla’s Q3 earnings call, he argued against the rise of remote work, asserting that people who work from home are “detached from reality.” This perspective, contrasting sharply with his concerns about falling birth rates, paints a hypocritical image and a
October 20, 2023
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Xi Jinping Thought on Austerity With Chinese Characteristics

In a recently published speech in Qiushi, the Communist Party’s leading journal, Chinese President Xi Jinping voiced his opposition to Western-style stimulus measures, which Former Premier Li Keqiang and other party members share. Why it matters: This decision and its subsequent publication
August 31, 2023