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Men’s Employment Crisis: Only 41% Experienced Steady Careers

In a groundbreaking study by Penn State and Ohio University (The Myth of Men’s Stable, Continuous Labor Force Attachment: Multitrajectories of U.S. Baby Boomer Men’s Employment by Adrianne Frech, Jane Lankes, Sarah Damaske, and Adrienne Ohler), researchers have unveiled the complex nature of
November 16, 2023
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Hong Kong Study: Boost in Fertility Intentions as Dads Step Up

A new study (Couples’ housework participation, housework satisfaction and fertility intentions among married couples in Hong Kong by Adam Ka-Lok Cheung) has uncovered complex connections between gender roles, satisfaction with housework, and the intention to have more children among married couples. The
September 2, 2023
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NBER working paper: Demographic Dividend to Demographic Drag

What’s going on: As countries keep aging and aging, regardless of wealth, an aging population is causing problems. Past and current leaders thought an increased working-age share due to aging has boosted economic growth while minimizing investment in schools and other social
August 28, 2023
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NBER Working Paper: Location affects wages

Location, Location, Location by David Card, Jesse Rothstein & Moises Yi, a recent working paper delves into the role of industry factors and geographical location (or lack of one) in shaping wage disparities across commuting zones (CZs) in the United States. The
August 27, 2023
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California’s Fertility Rate Show Surprising Trends

In the thick of 2020, when COVID-19 was unearthing vast unemployment and breeding global uncertainty, the U.S. saw a peculiar trend. Instead of the anticipated sharp decline, fertility rates dropped only marginally. Key takeaways from a new study, The COVID-19 baby bump
August 21, 2023
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Study: Economic Stability Helps Finns with Degrees Have More Kids

Why it Matters: Finland’s complex interplay between socioeconomic factors, family formation, and fertility is a topic of paramount importance. The study, Socioeconomic resources and family formation among young Finnish adults, shed light on the intricate decision-making processes of individuals and their impact
August 6, 2023
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Study: Fewer Working Hours Propel Korean Fertility Intentions

A fresh study from South Korea digs into the correlation between pregnancy intentions (i.e. fertility intentions) and critical characteristics of childbearing-age women, spanning age, income, employment, occupation, weekly work hours, education level, and location. Why it Matters: This research carries significant weight,
August 5, 2023