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Minns Administration Push NSW Zoning Reform

The Minns administration in NSW plans to overhaul existing planning laws, targeting a significant increase in housing density. This push addresses the escalating housing crisis by lifting long-standing bans on building terraces, townhouses, and two-story apartment blocks. Overhauling Planning Laws Clearing Council
November 27, 2023

New Greek Labor Laws Hurt Greece In the Short & Long Term

What’s happening: Thousands of Greek public sector workers have taken to the streets, marching on the Greek parliament, expressing their discontent over newly proposed labor laws by the government led by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Why it matters: The protests are in
September 26, 2023

South Carolina maternal health crisis worsening

What’s new: A panel of experts warned on Thursday that South Carolina’s prenatal care is lacking, with increased rates of preterm births and escalating infant mortality, particularly in Black and brown communities. Why it matters: The discussion, hosted by the S.C. League
September 25, 2023

WI State Senate Revives Gov Evers’ Childcare Bill

Big moves: in a twist of events, Senate leaders voted to introduce Gov. Tony Evers’ draft bill to support Wisconsin’s childcare providers. The bill, now known as special session SB-1, also includes a paid family leave program, further funding for higher education,
September 24, 2023

Population Aging & Wealth Inequality Has A Relationship

A recent working paper from Kyoto University’s Institute of Economic Research (Population Aging and Income Inequality in a Semi-Endogenous Growth Model by Kazuo Mino & Hiroaki Sasaki) unveils the intricate dynamics of population aging and its influence on income and wealth distribution.
September 22, 2023

U.S. Housing Starts Plunge: Here’s What It Means

1 Big Thing: U.S. housing starts plummeted 11% in August, reaching their lowest level since June 2020. Why it matters: This sharp decline is not just a statistical drop; it’s further evidence that the American housing market is facing severe headwinds. Limited
September 19, 2023

Minneapolis Appealing Court Ruling That Halted 2040 Plan

What’s happening: Minneapolis is pushing back against a recent Hennepin County District Court ruling that has temporarily paused the roll-out of the city’s ambitious “Minneapolis 2040” housing plan. Why it matters: Hennepin County District Court Judge Joseph Klein’s Sept. 5th decision handed
September 19, 2023
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