Gallup: Americans want bigger families

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September 27, 2023
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Americans’ views on the ideal family size are shifting, with a recent Gallup poll revealing a rebound to leaning towards larger ones. But historical, socioeconomic, and demographic lenses shed light on a deeper, more nuanced story.

By the Numbers:

  • 47% of respondents believe smaller families of 1-2 children are ideal.
  • 45% feel families should have 3 or more kids.
  • 95% want at least 2 kids in a family
  • Historical high: In 1945, a staggering 77% supported more prominent families, with the average family size reaching 3.6 children during the baby boom.
  • By 1980, this shifted to an average of just 1.8 kids per family.

Economic Influences:

Economic downturns like the post-Great Recession period trend towards more minor family preferences. In contrast, booming economies reduce the gap between those wanting small versus large families.

Pandemic Impact:

Though Gallup polls didn’t probe during COVID-19, U.S. birth rate data indicates a decline, hinting at the pandemic’s potential influence.

Desires vs. Reality:

  • 90% of U.S. adults have or wish to have children.
  • Despite increasing preference for larger families, U.S. birth rates have been dropping, pointing to a disparity between ideal and reality.

Demographic Dives:

  • Age & Race: Younger adults, Black, and Hispanic populations typically favor larger families.
  • Religion & Politics: Regular church attendees and Catholics prefer larger families, whereas those unaffiliated with any religion lean towards smaller ones. Political affiliations, notably Republicans, also reveal a tilt towards bigger family sizes.

What’s Next: The evolving landscape suggests a disconnect between the American ideal and practical family decisions. With birth rates not mirroring the apparent desire for larger families, future investigations must delve deeper into understanding the economic, personal, and societal factors influencing these choices.

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