Governor Whitmer Pushes for Paid Leave as Senate Bill 332 is introduced

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September 8, 2023

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is prioritizing paid family and medical leave for Michigan residents, drawing inspiration from other states like Minnesota.

Why it matters: As one of the few nations without a universal paid leave policy, the U.S. has states wrestling with how to implement this essential support.

The Stats:

Looking for Blueprints:

Impact on Small Businesses:

  • Brian Calley, ex-Lt. Governor, now CEO of the Small Business Association of Michigan, warns against “one-size-fits-all” policies. He suggests such mandates could push the economy away from small, locally-owned businesses to major corporations, despite Federal policies demanding larger employers offer 12 weeks of paid leave.
  • Minnesota implemented a similar policy, making small businesses more competitive with bigger businesses for employees, not less.
  • The conundrum: protecting employee benefits and educating small business owners without giving bad faith actors openings.

Between the Lines:

  • Adopting comprehensive paid leave policies could stimulate the population and reduce or even reverse the birth rate decline in Michigan.

What’s Next: As Michigan’s legislature dives into the specifics, they will closely watch states like Minnesota to inform their decisions. The outcome could set a (hopefully positive) precedent for others in the U.S.

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