Italy’s Birth Rate: Meloni Likely Focus on Tax Cuts over Families

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October 10, 2023
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Italy’s 2024 budget is in the works. A major concern? Italy’s birth rate fell faster than Japan’s. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has championed the ‘traditional’ family, but will the new budget reflect that commitment? Most likely not with her current actions.

Why it matters: Italy’s birth rate keeps falling and Italy isn’t an attractive place for immigration as other EU countries such as France or Germany. It will enable bad faith actors to push the economy to self sabotaging solutions. Consider significant tax hikes on lower & middle classes or big pension cuts.

Key stats:

Focus on Cruel Policies, Not Italy’s Birth Rate

Meloni’s stance on family and traditional values has led to abusive & British style expansive austerity policies with examples like:

Meloni, Italy’s first female prime minister, emphasizes her role as a “Christian mother”. Yet, despite ringing endorsement from the Pope to do so, concrete family-support measures have been few. One can assume Meloni’s priorities as a “Christian Mother” from her current actions. 

Details on the Next Budget

Looking ahead: The budget might include family provisions. Minister Giancarlo Giorgietti gave hints but no specifics.

  • Eugenia Roccella, Minister for Family, Birth, and Equal Opportunities, suggests more child benefits, especially for second children.
  • Other proposals? Tax cuts for bigger families. Incentives for firms hiring moms.
  • Unused funds? Last year, 1.5 billion euros meant for child benefits went unclaimed. That might fund these measures.

What to watch: The budget draft is due on October 20th. Based on past timelines, we may only get clarity by year’s end, with whatever family benefits being the first to cut or restriction increased. Whatever happens, it is a poor showing, especially as the secular Czech Republic have made the fiscal commitment since 2009, not a poor virtue signal like Meloni.

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