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NBER Paper: Mothers’ Health & Education Impact on Newborns

October 11, 2023
Introduction A new NBER working paper (Intergenerational Transmission of Inequality: Maternal Endowments, Investments, and Birth Outcomes by Sadegh Eshaghnia & James J. Heckman) uses models to analyze the impact of mothers’ characteristics (primary mothers’ health and education) on the likelihood of a baby being
California Capitol Building

AB 309: Newsom Vetoes Social Housing Bill in California

October 8, 2023
The California Legislature proposed a solution to the state’s severe housing problem. More than two in five households in California spend over 30% of their income on housing. Assemblymember Alex Lee introduced AB 309, a bill named the “Social Housing Act”, which was
Lightning Over China and Taiwan (NASA, International Space Station, 07/27/14)

China’s Declining Birth Rates: Maternity Wards Are Closing

October 7, 2023
What’s happening Several hospitals in China have closed or downsized their obstetrics units. This has reignited worries about China’s declining birth rates. Why it matters In 2022, China saw only 9.56 million births. This is nearly a 10% decline from 2021. Predictions

Italy’s Population Decline: Causes & Consequences

October 2, 2023
Italy’s population decline and aging in municipalities have developed distinct trends over the past five decades. A recent study (Demographic sustainability in Italian territories: The link between depopulation and population ageing by Cecilia Reynaud & Sara Miccoli) reveals intriguing patterns and correlations,
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