Singapore may double parental leave with The Child Development Co-Savings (Amendment) Bill

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September 18, 2023

2023/09/17 – Singapore’s lawmakers took a big step this week toward enhancing parental support, debating the Child Development Co-Savings (Amendment) Bill that could reshape the city-state’s family dynamics.

Why it matters: The proposed legislation for consideration in Parliament would make good on changes announced in the 2023 Budget. The updates aim to amplify support for parents, especially fathers, and drive societal evolution.

The details:

  • Paternity Leave: Government-paid paternity leave could double from two weeks to four weeks. Unpaid infant care leave would expand to 12 days starting January 1, 2024.
  • Financial Boosts: Expect a $3,000 rise in the Baby Bonus Cash Gift. Plus, the Government co-matching for Child Development Account contributions will get a bump for kids born on or before February 14, 2023.
  • Benefits Galore: For dads ineligible for leave under the Child Development Co-Savings Act due to job constraints, an enhanced cash benefit is in the offing. Self-employed fathers stand to gain, too, with doubled compensation limits for lost income during their child-nurturing break.

Be smart: Singapore’s cultural shift is palpable. Ms. Sun Xueling, the Minister of State for Social and Family Development, emphasized the importance of fathers in child-rearing. Local research, she noted, linked extended paternity leave to better relationships between partners, happier children, and better child behavor outcomes.

What’s next

Operational tweaks to enhance clarity and efficiency. The revocation process for some approved roles will be simplified. The number of claimable lost income days for self-employed individuals will be defined, as will the conditions for the Government-Paid Paternity Benefit.

Worth noting: Thirteen MPs have offered their two cents, suggesting everything from childcare sick leave to equitable child-rearing responsibilities. One MP even recommended analyzing companies with the best work-life balance to see if such environments encourage family growth.

The bottom line: Singapore’s Government is laying the groundwork for progressive parental policies. With these changes, it’s positioning itself as a forerunner in family policy and benefits in Asia.

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