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NBER Paper: Mothers’ Health & Education Impact on Newborns

Introduction A new NBER working paper (Intergenerational Transmission of Inequality: Maternal Endowments, Investments, and Birth Outcomes by Sadegh Eshaghnia & James J. Heckman) uses models to analyze the impact of mothers’ characteristics (primary mothers’ health and education) on the likelihood of a baby being
October 11, 2023

Court orders halt to Minneapolis 2040 Plan

Minneapolis’ 2040 comprehensive plan, which had been in effect for the past three years, has been ordered to come to a standstill by a Hennepin County court. Judge Joseph Klein, who was appointed by former Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2009, presiding
September 7, 2023
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Xi Jinping Thought on Austerity With Chinese Characteristics

In a recently published speech in Qiushi, the Communist Party’s leading journal, Chinese President Xi Jinping voiced his opposition to Western-style stimulus measures, which Former Premier Li Keqiang and other party members share. Why it matters: This decision and its subsequent publication
August 31, 2023
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NBER working paper: Demographic Dividend to Demographic Drag

What’s going on: As countries keep aging and aging, regardless of wealth, an aging population is causing problems. Past and current leaders thought an increased working-age share due to aging has boosted economic growth while minimizing investment in schools and other social
August 28, 2023
Satellite Sees Holiday Lights Brighten Cities - United States

NBER Working Paper: Location affects wages

Location, Location, Location by David Card, Jesse Rothstein & Moises Yi, a recent working paper delves into the role of industry factors and geographical location (or lack of one) in shaping wage disparities across commuting zones (CZs) in the United States. The
August 27, 2023
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